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Monthly List of blogs, To community from community [APRIL]

List of blogs which are very much worth reading (Latest writups, Old writeup, Tools). Specially for bug bounty hunters. 

-To all authors
    Thanks a lot for writing and sharing🙏



1) Yahoo – Root Access SQL Injection – 
2) Best of power shell practical 

3) GitHub Enterprise SQL Injection 

4) CMS Pentesting article

5) Post Exploitation on Saved Password with LaZagne

 6) API pentesting


1) Exploiting the JSON CSRF with method override technique

2) Abusing XSS Filter: One ^ leads to XSS(CVE-2016-3212) 

3) How I bypassed the OTP verification process? Part — 1

4) How I bypassed the OTP verification process? Part — 2

5) How I bypassed the OTP verification process? Part — 3

6)  SQL Injection Vulnerability


1) Very cool XXE bug in a Web Service

2) Exploiting an SSRF: Trials and Tribulations

3) Yahoo Mail stored XSS 

4)  Combination of techniques lead to DOM Based XSS in Google

5) SQL Injection on

6)  Top 10 port scanning tools


1) OSINT Analysis And Research Tool Trape v2.0

2) Multiple vulnerabilities in a WordPress plugin at

3) WordPress security pen testing

4) SQL injection in Wordpress Plugin Huge IT Video Gallery

5) Combining host header injection and lax host parsing serving malicious data
6) Open redirects that matter



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